Iron Furnace Task Force

Development at Scranton’s Historic Iron Furnaces

After years of inactivity, the site of Scranton’s Historic Iron Furnaces has come alive with events such as community festivals, weddings, local farmers’ markets and iron-furnacescultural bonfires. Located along the Roaring Brook at the site of the founding of the City of Scranton, the Iron Furnaces are the centerpiece of an exciting project that will restore, renew and repurpose this historic landmark.  Although visitors have limited access to the stately grand structure a proposed Iron District will highlight the Furnaces as mixed use destination.
The Lackawanna Heritage Valley is leading a consortium of partners that is funding a comprehensive feasibility plan for the restoration and development of the Historic Scranton Iron Furnaces and designation of an Iron District in the adjacent Cedar Avenue Corridor and connections to the Downtown Scranton commercial and historic district.   A team of architects, landscape architects and cultural programming experts will  lay the groundwork for a massive project that will revitalize and expand this important site of Scranton’s founding and its beginnings as an industrial center.