Educational Alliance

The Lackawanna Heritage Valley has placed a great emphasis on fostering an understanding, awareness and pride in the rich history, culture, and people of northeastern Pennsylvania. As evidenced by the many projects in which LHV has partnered, the organization has advanced the region economically, and by means of education and social interaction.
The role of the Educational Alliance is to develop projects that provide educational interpretation of existing ventures, and create new and exciting opportunities that afford area students and residents the ability to understand the significance of these endeavors. The projects must be educationally sound, and have specific outcomes directly related to the projects and activities. In addition, the endeavors must meet standards set forth by the Department of Education and be able to be assessed for educational effectiveness.
The advisory group is comprised of various stake holders as well as those that utilize the resources of the region. Professional educators (post -secondary, secondary, middle, elementary and pre-school), community members, representatives of LHV partner sites and students. 
The group is beginning the process of formulating a blueprint for an academically sound, educational initiative that will carry the organization’s projects into the future.