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  • energetic – build and improve the beautiful 70 mile Lackawanna River Heritage Trail system
  • historic –  continue telling the story of authentic historic and cultural sites where America’s industrial revolution was powered
  • lasting– conserve and renew the river and the environment for future generations
  • alive –  celebrate and enjoy the local traditions, food and festivals of the diverse ethnic groups who settled in our area

Become a Heritage Valley Partner and an Ambassador in Action
So we can continue the good work:

  • Revitalization of the Historic Scranton Iron Furnaces
  • Heritage Explorer Trains
  • Educational Mini-Grants
  • Heritage Passport Program
  • Ambassador Tours
  • Arts on Fire Festival
  • “Confluence” Art on the trail
  • Native American history along the river
  • Heritage Explorer Bike Tour
  • Scranton Half Marathon
  • Santa Train
  • Heritage Tourism
  • Heritage Valley Round-table
  • Conservation Alliance

If you would like to help us continue this mission, please consider making a donation to Heritage Valley Partners. For more information, download a Heritage Valley Partners brochure here!