Heritage Resources

Resources for Heritage and Historic Preservation

There are a number of resources that provide useful information to owners and stewards of historic properties. Please note that the listing of these web sites is for informational use only, and does not constitute endorsement.
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
This State Commission reviews nominations to the National Register of Historic Places, conducts initial reviews of applications for the federal investment tax credit for the restoration and rehabilitation of historic properties, and provides information and technical assistance. Its Pennsylvania History and Museum Program and Keystone Historic Preservation Grants are available to eligible organizations. www.phmc.state.pa.us
National Park Service/National Heritage Areas
The Heritage Areas Toolbox provides links to preservation, conservation, education, community engagement and tourism tools and resources. Visit the Heritage Development Institute website for classes on the Basics of Heritage Areas.
Toolbox: www.cr.nps.gov/heritageareas/HDI/toolbox.htm
Institute: www.heritagedevelopmentinstitute.org/home
The National Register in Pennsylvania
The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission has entered its complete inventory of National Register and National Historic Landmark properties in the Commonwealth on a new website called ARCH. It includes more than 3,000 National Register nominations. www.preservationalliance.com
The National Trust for Historic Preservation
The field office of the private, non-profit organization chartered by Congress in 1949 serves Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. The Trust encourages public participation in preservation, provides limited financial assistance through grant and loan programs, and publishes widely. www.nthp.org
Preservation Pennsylvania
This statewide membership organization assists Pennsylvania communities and groups to protect and utilize the historic resources they want to preserve. It also monitors state legislative activity, publishes a newsletter, and administers a grant program for Philadelphia preservation projects. www.preservationpa.org
Heritage PA
Pennsylvania features twelve unique heritage areas, each highlighting Pennsylvania’s rich history and vital role in the nation’s development. It’s the perfect opportunity to get introduced to the people, places and traditions of our great state. So stop by for a journey that’s a whole lot of fun for travelers of all ages.
Our mission is to honor our past, while building our future. We’re glad to see you want to be a part of it. http://heritagepa.com/
Alliance of National Heritage Areas (ANHA)
To create and enhance strategic links among the congressionally designated National Heritage Areas, emerging heritage areas, and private non-profit, and governmental organizations associated with heritage development. http://www.nationalheritageareas.us/