Greenway & Trail Study

Lackawanna Greenway Plan and LRHT Feasibility Study

The Lackawanna Heritage Valley National and State Heritage Area (LHV) is has completed a study of the Lackawanna Greenway and the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail (LRHT). During this planning effort, LHV and the consulting team of Arora and Associates, Campbell Thomas & Co., and Urban Partners have accomplished the following:

  • Developed a plan for the Lackawanna Greenway.
  • Inventoried and assess the cultural, historic, and natural resources of the Lackawanna Greenway.
  • Identified spur trails in the Lackawanna Greenway for possible connection to the LRHT.
  • Identified potential interpretive trails such as nature trails and historic sites.
  • Conducted a feasibility study of the entire LRHT to assess each trail section and make recommendations for the next step of development.
  • Determined the trail route for each undeveloped section of the LRHT and outline cost estimates.
  • Developed trail alignments and design documents for the CNJ Rail-Trail Extension in Scranton and Taylor and for the Powdermill Trail in the Mid-Valley.
  • Outlined an action plan for the immediate implementation of the study’s recommendations.
  • Conducted a public outreach campaign for the study.

Lackawanna River Heritage Trail Feasibility Study

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Lackawanna Greenway Study

Lackawanna Greenway Study
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